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best joint replacement Surgeon in Greater Noida - Dr Abhisar Katiyar

Joint replacement with an orthopaedic prosthesis is the best solution for damaged and degenerated joints. This procedure can easily be performed by a joint replacement surgeon. Dr Abhisar Katiyar is a bones and joint doctor. He is the best knee replacement surgeon in Greater Noida, and is also reputed as the best hip replacement surgeon and a good hand surgeon. He has over 13 years of experience in the field of joint replacement. Today many people suffer from poor quality bones and joint deterioration due to lack of required nutrients in their diet and due to faulty exercises and lifestyle.

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  • It was amazing expierence during my whole pregnancy..I conceived under her guidance ,followed her during my pregnancy time and was delivered by her.We developed such a beautiful bond and now she is gynaec of our whole familiy.She is calm ,friendly,supportive and very positive.She even used to see me in odd hours of emergency.I am so happy to have her as my gynaec.Thanks doc for everything.

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    Visited For Pre and Post Delivery Care (Verified Patient)
  • Wonderful doctor with pleasing personality..we started consulting her a month ago for infertility as been recommended by one of my friends. We have been showing to other gynecologists for same but the attempts were futile.. All thanks to her my wife conceived in second month of her guidance.she is thorough professional with emotional touch..thanks a lot mam.

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    Visited For Infertility Evaluation / Treatment (Verified Patient)
  • I visited Dr Suman for my pcos problem. I must comment that her knowledge is encyclopedic. She answered all my queries very patiently and in much detail. I found her very very genuine and I strongly recommend her to all patients who want to seek expert and a very genuine opinion in gynaecogy.

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    Ms. Kavita
  • I hope my review helps another new mom to be. Being 30+, i was very anxious since this was my first pregnancy and was looking for an old lady with good amount of experience to tackle if any complications to be. To my surprise Dr. Suman turned out to be young. After my first visit all my apprehensions disappeared. She was extremely welcoming. My first impression of her was she is a friendly, calm, well poised and a very professional doctor. She really listens and in doing so makes sure your treatment isn't just what would generally be best for everyone, but best for you. I came out of the visit and was extremely happy that finally we found the right doctor. There was no other doubts thereafter. She was always available on whats app and a call away. Replied all my queries be it silly, small or big. Her approachability throughout the pregnancy always ensured me n my baby were in save hands

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    Ms. Shraddha
  • Before coming to Genesis Clinic, I had not only damaged my spine but also, my confidence. Today I live a happy, self-reliant life with my wife and kids.

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    Ashok Tagwani
  • It was very Friendly.. The Staff was cooperative and done all the pre-requisitions for appointment.

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    Akhil Goyal.